As I was driving today I heard a song that though I don't know the title or who was singing, I remember that it was about Heaven and what it might be like. As I listened I was reminded of the many times I think of friends or loved ones who have already gone on to glory, and it seems I can see them there together. Though I do not know what Heaven, or even my loved ones, look like, I can see the smiles and happiness that I am sure are a part of their new lives.

I know the Bible tells us that Heaven will be a place of joy, with no more parting, no pain, or sorrow. The Bible talks of gates of pearl, a street of gold, and jasper walls. It also mentions the wonder of God on the throne. I know too, that there are angels, a tree of life, and a river as clear as crystal.

The fifteenth chapter of I Corinthians tells me that we will all be changed; we shall be raised incorruptible.

Even still, there is much I don't know or understand about what Heaven and my loved ones will look like, so the way I see them in my mind is almost assuredly not right. Knowing this, how can my thoughts bring me such peace, comfort, and joy? It's because though I don't know how these things should appear in my vision, I do know that Heaven is a real place and that all who have been redeemed and have their names in the Lamb's book of Life will be there. Based on their profession, and the life they lived, I believe I have many friends and loved ones waiting in Heaven for me.

It's a blessing to know that one day we will all be together again with our Lord and Savior, the one who made it all possible.-- Published in the Countryside Church bulletin January 10, 2016