Winter weather can strike fast in Ohio and people are often caught off-guard. Drivers especially can get caught in some nasty situations. AAA reported that from December 2015 to March 2016, there were 22,000 motorists who crashed on wet or slick roads just in Ohio. Ohio has the fifth highest yearly average of winter-related crash fatalities out of all 50 states.

So what can drivers do to stay safe on their travels? AAA has some winter driving tips. Do not use cruise control on wet, icy, snow or sand covered surfaces. Never slam on the brakes, stop gradually and keep a sufficient distance between vehicles. They even suggest to leave early to allow for plenty of time to adjust to road conditions.

AAA also said drivers need to keep their vehicle up to date; maintain tires, check the battery, replace old windshield wipers and solvent and to make sure to have at least half a tank of gas to prevent condensation build up in the tank and in case of delays. And as always, obey the speed limits.

There are some other things that motorists can do to make traveling in the winter a little easier. Keep a shovel, sand, grit and/or kitty litter in the vehicle to help to get out of deep snow. Anti-freeze and windshield solvent is also a good idea, as well as a fuel container, jumper cables and a spare tire. While most people keep a phone charger in their car, maps have gone by the wayside but should kept in the glove box just in case there is no service.

Some other things that drivers may not have considered, but are necessary to be fully prepared for whatever winter throws at them, are extra gloves, socks, hats and boots. Even a blanket and matches to help keep motorists warm and be prepared for anything.

Extra food and water are not a bad idea either and consider having extra medication stored, especially if it is something that the driver are dependent on.

Follow these tips to definitely make it to spring unscathed.