Once again the words of a song brought a blessing from God that I believe is worth sharing. Last Sunday the children's choir sang the song, "Maybe Today." As I listened to the words I was reminded of the promise found in God's Word; Jesus will come again. The song says in part," My Lord will come It could be morning, night, or noon. But this is sure, He'll come again. There we'll know perfect love, endless life. Maybe today, my Lord will come for me. Maybe today, my Savior I shall see. Jesus will come and I will go home, it may be today."

The return of Christ is recorded many places throughout scripture but I like what Matthew 24:44 says. Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. Not only will Jesus return, but He will come when we least expect Him. As I listened to the song and remembered what the scripture says I realized again the importance of being ready. I also realize that not only should I be ready, and I am, but I must do all that I can to let others know of His coming. I must share with them what the scripture says of how, why and when we must prepare to meet Him.

The children bring the message in song. Should I do any less? Can I do more? Are my efforts my best? Am I willing to do as God says, and go where He leads? Have I told Him I want to serve? Can I say it again?

I want to tell the world in word and song that Jesus will return, even as He said. Maybe Today.

A special thank-you to the children for this time of blessing in song.

-- Published in the Countryside Baptist Church bulletin August 21, 2016.