One Sunday morning in August Pastor preached a message about the tragedy in a victory. Reading from the 14th chapter of First Samuel he talked about the battle between Saul's army and the Philistines. Verses 24 through 30 tell of how Jonathan gained strength from the Lord through the taste of honey. Verse 30 says that the victory could have been greater had each man tasted of the honey.

Since I am sure you heard the sermon can I just tell you what it said to me?

Jonathan dipped a stick into the honey and ate, gaining strength and having his eyes opened. I want to taste of the honey of the Lord, gaining strength for the journey and having my eyes opened so I might see all that God has for me. But where do I find the honey? I find it in listening to sermons by men who are not afraid to preach the true word of God. It's in Bible reading and prayer. I find it in the words of gospel songs and in fellowship with other believers. In all these things I taste of the honey of the Lord, eating what He has prepared for me. He has prepared what is good, right and healthy; what will give me understanding, faith, courage and added strength. Here I find what will bring victory in the battles I face. The tragedy for me is if I don't taste of the honey.

Pastor said the greatest victory is that of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have the victory of eternal life through the tragedy of His death. The greatest tragedy is that many will reject this gift; many lost souls will enter Hell because they will not accept the victory.

It's a blessing to know that each one can taste of the honey of the Lord, the taste of victory, then there need not be a tragedy of lost souls. --Published in the Countryside Baptist Church bulletin.