When life gives you more than you can stand -- kneel.

I saw these words on a sign recently and though I have seen these, or similar ones, many times, I was reminded once again of from where, and from who, my strength comes.

We are all aware that this life holds much trouble, many problems, cares and questions that so often seem to be more than we can bear. The sign says that's when we kneel. I know of no better place to meet God than kneeling at the alter in an old fashioned church. Yet I believe it's the heart that must kneel, or bow before God. This can happen when I kneel, stand, sit, or lie on my bed. I may be walking, driving or just waking up in the morning. God is always there, and He always hears. Psalm 4:3 tells me the Lord will hear when I call unto him.

When the burden is too heavy for me Psalm 55:22 tells me to cast thy burden upon the Lord and he shall sustain thee. 1Peter 5:7 reads, Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. God does care about me and has shown me this truth many times in many ways. He has lightened heavy burdens, filled needs, answered questions, and loved me with a never ending love.

God's love has brightened the darkest night and fed the deepest hunger in my soul. He has taken away the pain and healed the sickness. In love He sent correction when I was wrong, and forgiveness, again. Happiness, joy and peace are all a part of walking with Him. Faith, strength and understanding all come when I ask. He gave me friends, family, and a place to serve.

It's a blessing beyond words to know the Lord, and to have the privilege of kneeling before Him.