PORT WASHINGTON -- Professional ceramic artists Tom Radca and Brenda McMahon are opening their clay studio to the public for their annual open house this November.

Radca and McMahon, both known nationally and internationally for their award-winning hand-made clay vessels and tiles, welcome the public to their Port Washington studio from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 13 and 14. This event is family-friendly and free.

Radca, who has made a living creating hand-made ceramics at his 36-acre farm in the hills of Tuscarawas County for the past 24 years, enjoys this event as a way to bridge rural living with the contemporary art world.

"I travel the country and the world showing my artwork, but when it comes to inspiration and creation, the beauty of the landscape here in Port Washington is a formative part of my creative process," Radca said. "Most of my neighbors see me riding the tractor or leaving town with my truck filled with artwork, now they have an opportunity to see what I do up close and personal."

McMahon, who began her ceramic career in New York, joined Radca on his farm about three years ago. A ceramic artist for 17 years, McMahon, too appreciates their annual open house as a part of community building.

"Tuscarawas County is one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived. Opening our studios and art world to neighbors, friends and supporters is a great way to link our two communities," McMahon said. "We have visitors from as far away as Washington DC, riding through the Ohio countryside just to see us. These supporters join our neighbors in expressing their love of clay and nature. It's a humbling and inspiring experience."

McMahon and Radca spend most of their time traveling the country (and sometimes the world -- Thailand) selling their artwork, teaching ceramic workshops and working with designers and architects on pubic and private commissions. Once a year, they sweep the floors of their shop, put food and drinks on their worktables and open up their 200-year old Barn Gallery for all to enjoy. They welcome everyone to take a drive deep into Amish Country, explore their 7,000-square foot studios and get ready for an unforgettable treat for all five senses!

The Radca-McMahon Ceramic Studios are located mid-way between Peoli and Gilmore just off County Road 10. For directions, go to www.TomRadca.com or www.BrendaMcMahon.com.

The address 15216 Grove Road, Port Washington; or they may be reached at 498-4303.