WEST LAFAYETTE -- For the past 90 years locals have referred to West Lafayette as a "dry town." That referral will now be a thing of the past with the recent election Nov. 3.

According to unofficial voting results, approximately 405 village voters were in favor of alcohol sales in West Lafayette, while 285 were opposed.

The voting for alcohol sales in West Lafayette has not appeared on the voting ballot since 1971. The village has been "dry" since Prohibition started in 1920. Though Prohibition ended in 1933, the village residents voted down alcohol sales when it appeared on the voting ballot in various years between 1934-1971.

With alcohol sales now being legal in West Lafayette, the village will approve only three licenses. The number of licenses being issued is in proportion with the village's current population of 2,442. The sales will include carry-out sale only of beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages.

Following a 30-day period after the election, the process for business owners to apply for their liquor licenses will include a background check through the BCI and an on site inspection by the Ohio Department Commerce Division of Liquor Control.

Steve Hamilton, owner of Village Market, said he applied to a waiting list for an application in July. He said he was informed he could not complete an application until after the election and then it could take another 6-8 weeks to receive the license.

The Village Market is jointly owned by Hamilton, his wife, Sharon, and son and daughter in-law.

Hamilton said he wanted to be able to provide alcohol sales for his customers, but at the same time does not want to offend any residents that opposed to the alcohol sales.

Voice messages were not returned from officials at the Circle K (Mid-West Office) as of Wednesday in regards to their comment on the alcohol sales at the West Lafayette Circle K.

Village council members also had no comments to offer about the alcohol sales for West Lafayette during the Nov. 8 meeting.