Christ United Methodist Church is launching its new website on Wednesday, Dec. 1. The website is

There is information about Christ's Kids, movie trailers, Christ's Kitchen, Kids Own Worship, META, small groups and other ministries. You can listen (and watch) each week's sermon, register for special events, submit a request to the prayer forum, or contact a staff member.

It will be a great resource for other community minded churches who want to participate or share in special events. The new website is current, exciting and interactive.

It explains the "5-W's" in a user-friendly fashion. It is designed to help the new seeker as well as the faithful member. It shares our visions and mission.

What if church was not a building but 10,000 doors? The new website opens up a door to seeing who we are, what we believe, when we do ministry, where we meet, and why we want to know Jesus better and make Him better known. At Christ UMC, they recognize the emerging importance in the use of technology as part of the new face of spiritual development and growth. Therefore, they encourage you to visit and see what it means to RETHINK church, to get involved and make a difference.