Students of the Month

Congratulations to Nick Lengyel, son of Christina and James Lengyel, for being nominated by his teachers as the sixth grade November Student of the Month! The Sixth Grade Team has numerous comments to share about their star student, stating that Nick is a nice young man who strives to be a great student and classmate. He is always willing to jump in and help out his peers as well as his teachers. He is also a hard worker who has done a super job in his classes this year. Nick states that his favorite class this year is World History because he likes to learn about other countries, and he says if he were the principal, he would make sure that no homework was given to students. Some of Nick's hobbies and extracurricular activities include playing paintball, football, basketball, karate, and spending time with his friends. Some fun facts about Nick are that he has four dogs - Lily, Riley, Bella, and Zoey; his favorite meal is pizza; the last movie he watched was "The Croods;" his all-time favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid; he feels one of his strengths is,when attempting to do anything, he always gives it his all; he feels he could not live without his family, and his worst fear is losing his family; his favorite celebrity is Adam Sandler; and if invisible, Nick would walk through walls. The best piece of advice that he has ever received came from his dad, who said, "You can accomplish anything in life if you always give 110 percent, no matter what." So far in life, Nick feels his greatest accomplishment has been earning all A's and B's on his report card, and in the future, he hopes to attend college and have a good career.

Dylan Garretson has been nominated by his teachers for the seventh grade November Student of the Month because he displays many excellent traits. He is a personable, respectful young man who participates well in class and works well with his classmates. He possesses a drive to do his best whether he is at school, at a cross-country meet or bicycle race, or wherever. Dylan, son of Trevor and Beth Garretson, says his favorite class this year is math, because it will never change. His hobbies include playing musical instruments and playing video games, and if he were principal, he would make band class last five hours and the lunch period last 45 minutes, with the school day running from 9 to 3. Dylan lists as his greatest achievement playing the tuba, and says it is his favorite instrument, and feels the best piece of advice he's received came from band director Mr. Joel Hillwig, who said, "Don't stop if you make a mistake." Some fun facts about Dylan are that he has two pets, cats named Holly and Violet;his favorite meal is chicken noodle soup; the last movie he saw was "Croods;" his all-time favorite book is Wrinkle In Time; he feels one of his strengths is music and he doesn't feel he could live without band; his worst fear is public speaking; and if invisible, he would enjoy scaring his family. In the future, Dylan would like to become a band director.

Eighth-grader Cheyenne Tanksley was chosen by her teachers as their Student of the Month for November 2013 because they feel she is a hard worker. In fact, she tells her classmates that studying hard pays off and has proven this to be true. Cheyenne is a polite and trustworthy young lady, leading by example, and she is involved in extracurricular activities including cheerleading and student council here at NMS. Whenever she is able, Cheyenne helps others and has made herself a valuable leader in and out of the classroom. Cheyenne, daughter of Matt and Rolanda Royer, says her favorite class this year is math, because it's fun and she really enjoys working out the problems. One of Cheyenne's greatest strengths is that she is a diligent, hard worker, and she thinks that the best thing about Newcomerstown Middle School is all of the sports. So far, Cheyenne feels her greatest accomplishment has been getting all A's, and says the best piece of advice she's received came from her teacher, Mr. Hines, who told her, "We can outwork others." In the future, Cheyenne would like to become a nurse.