All I want for Christmas ...

Mrs. Fillman and Mrs. Shinaberry's Preschool

Bryce - a ball, a racecar and markers

Addie - A yoyo, markers, a doggie blanket, baby doll, clothes and a ninja turtle

Jillian - a baby doll and new socks

Aaden - a tractor

Martin - a Spiderman pillow and a big Spiderman

Lakota - play dough and that will be it

Brady - everything, a football player, a basketball guy and a dirt bike

Bella - a Lego set and a basketball hoop

Aiden - an angry bird set with all the piggies

Hailey - a DS

Kenny - a computer and my own house

Grant - zombie movies, black ops zombies, Xbox 1 and Halo 5

Memphis - princess castles and a Barbie house

Abby - My Little Pony Lego set

William - a new purple folder

Sarah - a big car for me to drive

Ariah - a pink tent

Hope - Bubble gum

Kory - a robot dog

Rylynn - Nabi Tablet, princess shoes, a crown and a magic wand with magic in it

Note from Principal Erin Peoples

What a busy and wonderful time of year!

We have already missed five calamity days due to the water main break in the fall and bad weather recently. This means we will have to make up any more days that are missed.

Thank you to all who attended another great set of holiday singing programs prepared by Mrs. Masloski.

We also thank everyone who attended the Donuts with Dad event and the Santa Store. Your children are very proud to show you off, and we love having you.

Our West School student council members have been busy raising money for Share-A-Christmas and a local family in need by sponsoring a Kiss The Goat contest. Students brought in change to "vote" for the West School staff member they wanted to see kiss a goat. We had a special assembly on Thursday, Dec. 12 and (drum roll please) ... Mr. McClellan and Mr. Lute had to kiss the goat!

Christmas break begins Monday, Dec. 23 and school resumes on Monday, Jan. 6.

It is the wish of all of our staff that all of our students and their families have a safe and happy holiday break!

Students of the Month

The November Students of the Month were: Brooklyn Hall, second grade; Jacie Tedrow, third grade; Graci Armstrong, fourth grade; and Jared Simmons, fifth grade.

Library Books - Winter Break

Mrs. Durben is allowing West School students to keep library books over break if they would like. Students who choose to keep books will still be responsible for keeping track of them over break.

If your child has a lost or damaged book fee, please help them take care of this as soon as possible. Lost book fees are only issued when a student has had a book checked out for 1 month or longer and has received reminders to turn the book in. If the book is found within the same school year and returned in good condition, the fee will be returned.

Second AR Activity

Students who earn their second nine weeks individual AR goals will be attending the second nine weeks AR activity! A West Winter Fest has been planned for this activity on Wednesday, Jan. 15. There will be three stations to visit. A dance station will be in the gym where students will be dancing with the Wii game Just Dance. Students who triple their AR goal and become Goal Crushers will get to use the controllers at this station while all other students will dance along. The next station will be in the cafeteria, the Snack and Craft Shack. At this station, students will do scratch art and enjoy cookies and hot chocolate. The last station will be in the library, Penguin Pin Bowling at Library Lanes. Students will be bowling down penguin pins between library shelves. The kids should have a great time at this activity!

The last day of the second nine weeks is Friday, Jan. 10. Students must have their individual point goal, an 85 percent average or higher, and their average book level goals all met by the end of the school day Jan. 10 to attend. If you would like to keep up on how your child is doing on their goals, you can go to our school's web site at, click on the library tab, and go to AR Home Connect. Here you can use your student's AR username and password to log in and view the goals, how they are doing, and see what quizzes they've taken.

Student Council

The West Elementary Student Council would like to thank the community for all of their support during our Share-a- Christmas campaign. Through our joint efforts, we were able to raise a car load (back seat and trunk) full of toys, over seven boxes of non-perishable food items for Journey's End, and over $400 for Share-a-Christmas and a family within the Newcomerstown school district that lost their home and belongings in a fire. It is nice to know that we are part of such a generous community that is willing to reach into their pockets, cupboards, and toy boxes to help out others in need. Thank you once again for all of your help.

To finish our spreading of holiday cheer, we are going Christmas caroling on Dec. 19 after school! Merry Christmas!

Second grade news

The Christmas program is over and Christmas break is quickly approaching. We will be winding up the month of December with a variety of Christmas activities in our rooms. If you're looking for some last minute stocking stuffers, some new crayons, pencils, erasers and glue would do the trick. Our students have frequently run out of these items at this point in the year.

When we come back from the break, we will be finishing up the second nine-week grading period. This means teachers are trying to finish up units in math, reading, social studies and science. If your child has missed days, it's important to make sure work is caught up. Also, this will be the last week to meet AR goals for the current nine-weeks.

Third grade news

Third grade has been working hard in all subjects. The students just took their first OAA Reading exam in October and those scores have been released from the State. You should be notified of your child's score soon. Students will have two opportunities to pass the exam and it's important that they do. If you do not understand the "Third Grade Guarantee," contact your teacher. Like you, we are looking forward to our Christmas program next Wednesday and our parties on Friday. Have a terrific and safe holiday. "See ya next year!"

Fourth grade news

This month in science we are learning about the biomes of the world. We will be working on some interesting activities the week before Christmas break. The test for biomes will be coming up before break as well. Ask questions about these activities and see what the students describe.

In ELA, students have been working on sequencing events in reading and making singular nouns plural in grammar. The week before break, students will be working on a biography project in which they will research information on an individual of their choosing. Please continue to encourage your student to read at least twenty minutes each night.

In math, the students completed a performance task where they planned and calculated the cost with having six guests come to Turkey's Thanksgiving Feast. The students did a fantastic job working together to solve the problem. We will be doing more of these types of problems in the weeks ahead.

We are currently learning about prime and composite numbers and will be multiplying 2-two digit numbers. Students need to keep practicing their multiplication facts over the holiday break.

Students in Ohio History have been learning about the Prehistoric Indians of Ohio. Some groups are working on their presentations/skits for the Paleo and Archaic Indians. Others, are researching the Mound Building Indians of Ohio and creating anchor charts to display and teach from.

The mounds we made together will be painted and coming home for Christmas.