COSHOCTON -- Luke and Debbie Gaumer of Gaumer Springs Farm received the 2013 Outstanding Conservation Farm of the Year award at the 71st annual Coshocton soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) meeting and banquet.

The event was held Oct. 17 at the Coshocton County Career Center with 151 area residents and special guests attending. Two district supervisors were elected, The Big Tree contest winners were recognized and Junior Hay Show winners were announced.

Gaumer Spring Farm consists of 58 acres in White Eyes Township, where Luke and Debbie currently run 17 head of Angus cattle, along with 10 breeding cows and a bull,

Conservation practices on the farm include the installation of more than 4,000 feet of fence, 1,823 feet of pipeline with six watering facilities, a prescribed grazing plan for 16.2 acres, one forty foot stream crossing, and one spring development.

Debbie has been part owner of the Garden Patch Greenhouse since 2000. She also serves on the Coshocton County Fair Board and is a Coshocton is Blooming committee member.

Luke and Debbie are long time members of the Farm Bureau and the Agricultural Society. They have a strong interest in educating young and old about the importance of agriculture.

They have a 26-year old son who lives in Indiana.

In presenting the award, Coshocton SWCD supervisor, David Lapp said, "Congratulations to Gaumer Spring Farm for being named the 2013 Outstanding Conservation Farm of the Year."

The Coshocton SWCD again sponsored the Coshocton County Junior Fair Hay Show and recognized the winners at the 2013 county fair.

Winners were: Ryan Greten, son of Mike and Kerrie Greten, This-N-That 4-H, Alfalfa hay; Michaela Greten, daughter of

Mike and Kerrie Greten, This-n-That 4-H, grass hay; Cameron Mizer, son of Terry and Pam Mizer, Ridgewood FFA, light mixed hay; and Jenna Wyler, daughter of John and Annette Wyler, Ridgewood FFA, heavy missed hay.

Winners received a rosette and a $10 cash award for attending the banquet.

Delbert and Linda Sechler were recognized as the winners of the Coshocton SWCD's Big Tree Contest. The winning "Big Tree" was a Red Oak which measured 198.5 inches in circumference with a vertical height of 95 feet and an average crown spread of 87 feet.

In the annual City BigTree Contest for anyone living in the city of Coshocton, Kristy Leindecker from the Coshocton is Blooming Committee, presented the award to Mark Clark. He received the award for his Oak tree which measures 142 inches in circumference, with a vertical height of 89 feet and an average crown spread of 95.5 feet.

The winner of the Mystery Photo Contest was Elizabeth Miller. The mystery photo, which was part of the SWCD's display at the Coshocton County Fair, was of the Bruce and Patsy Bickle farm in Adams Township.

Elizabeth Miller was among 16 winning entries received with the winner determined by a drawing.

The Ohio Soil and Water Conservation District held an election for two supervisors to be elected to the Coshocton SWCD board of Supervisors. Kristy Leindecker and Greg Waters were elected. They will each serve a three-year term starting on Jan. 1, 2014.

Guest speaker was author Paul Stutzman from Berlin.

Stutzman has written thtee books: "Hiking Throug," "Biking Across America," and "The Wanderer."

Stutzman shared a message of hope and inspiration with the audience.

A baked steak dinner was served by the Fresno United Methodist Church before the meeting.

A drawing for door prizes was held before the meeting adjourned.