As a result of wise financial management over the past six years, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted announced his office can operate for the next two years without the use of any taxpayer dollars. As a result, the Secretary's most recent biennial operating budget proposal (Fiscal Years 2018 2019) requests a 100 percent reduction in General Revenue Fund (GRF) support.

If approved by the state legislature in 2017, this move will save Ohio taxpayers $4.76 million over the next two years.

During Secretary Husted's first term, he reduced spending by $14.5 million, a 16 percent reduction when compared to the previous administration. Secretary Husted is also operating his office with nearly 32 percent fewer staff. With only 130 employees, down from 190 when Secretary Husted took office, payroll costs at the Secretary of State's Office is now at its lowest level in nine years.

In 2015, the Secretary asked the state legislature to pass along the office's savings to Ohio entrepreneurs by cutting the fees associated with starting and maintaining a business in the state by 21 percent. This move has already saved Ohio businesses over $2.8 million.

With the savings accrued by Secretary Husted's careful financial stewardship and ongoing revenue created by the state's record-number of new business startups, the Secretary of State's Office is now capable of operating without any taxpayer dollars for the upcoming biennium. As a result, those savings can now be used to support tax cuts, education, and workforce development.