#1 from the Mayor's Office

All solicitors must go to the Mayor's Office to complete a permit application before going out and knocking on doors.

If someone knocks on your door, selling anything, ask to see their permit. The permit will have the Mayor's signature on it and include the dates they are permitted to solicit.

There have been people canvassing the village trying to get residents to switch gas or electric suppliers. Ask to see their permit before you speak with them.

All solicitors are required to have a photo ID on display where you can see it. If they are not cordial with you, call the Mayor's Office.

All solicitors are briefed on appropriate behaviors. That means if they are pushy and demanding, the village will revoke their permit; one has already been revoked this year.

Please do not be afraid to call the Mayor's office at 740-498-6313.

#2 from the Police Department

Recently, we have taken some reports from residents who have left their vehicles unlocked and have had them entered into by unknown and unwanted subjects. Some residents have had items taken, others did not.

Please do not leave your valuables, such as cell phones, money, wallets, purses, guns and GPS's in your vehicles.

Please LOCK your vehicles.

Most importantly, help us help you. If you SEE something, SAY something.

Call the Police Department at 740-498-6161 to report suspicious activity.