As most patrons and community members might know, your library has been working towards improvement. Whether it is maintaining the library's current situation or providing something new, your library's commitment to you comes first. When seeing the numbers of increased programming, circulation, and patron access the library has been anticipating eventful years to come.

Knowing that much of our programming takes place at the Annex building, your library has made a commitment to its upkeep. For a while, the Newcomerstown Public Library has been trying to resolve an issue with water penetrating the basement of the Annex. Concluding that the issue is likely the grading of the land that surrounds the property, there were several options. The most logical option was to pursue the opportunity to purchase the land that around the Annex. With the purchase of the previous Nationwide property, it's possible to properly grade the ground to flush the surface water away from the building. Therefore, anticipating the resolution of the water issue in the basement.

With the opportunity to remedy the previous issue and constant increases mentioned above, your library has decided to put effort additional parking. The additional parking will run parallel with the current lot and provide an anticipated 10 to 14 parking spots.

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