West Lafayette village council recently met for their regular session. During citizen's comments, a village resident, Tim Tubbs, addressed council regarding a recently reported complaint filed by an unnamed individual. The individual reportedly filed a complaint with the village concerning bee hives that were noted on Tubbs's property on Council Maple Street. The individual reportedly does not reside in Coshocton County, and was visiting West Lafayette when she noted the bee hives, and filed the report. Tubbs said that he and his family had previously been keeping honey bees, but that they had lost a majority of the swarm last year. At present, Tubbs said that the hives are void of any bees. Tubbs explained that honey bees are not an aggressive bee and that they are also endangered of being at risk for future extinction. Tubbs said that if the bee population becomes extinct, that there would be the extinction of flowering plant life as the honey bees pollinate flowers of the plants. Tubbs voiced his concern regarding this potential threat.

Mayor, Stephen Bordenkircher later responded and informed Tubbs that the issue is concerning a violation of a zoning ordinance concerning keeping active bee swarms on property located within the village. Tubbs then responded and read the ordinance, and compared parts of the ordinance that could be misinterpreted. Mayor Bordenkircher later referred Tubbs to complete an application for appeal. Multiple village residents were present to support Tubbs's concerns.

Another village resident, William Adkins, later addressed village council concerning the possible need of revising the ordinances concerning zoning. Adkins suggested that village residents should have a chance to provide input onto the zoning, and possibility of being involved in revising the ordinance.

Other business discussed at the March 27 regular session included:

Council approved the Park Board for funds to complete painting at Burt Park (restrooms, bandstand).

Concerning earlier discussion concerning suggestion from Public Safety committee of requesting the village to possibly reduce the speed limit from 35 mph to 25 mph on west Main Street due to high traffic volume in that area. Mayor Bordenkircher said that there are currently no valid issues, or complaints received to support the speed reduction. At this time the speed limit will remain at 35 mph.

Second reading was given for ordinance 2017-10, concerning enacting the 2017 edition of the Ohio Basic Code, published by the American Legal Publishing Corporation.

First reading was given for ordinance 2017-13, concerning adopting regulations to receive public funding for organized recreational activities from the village of West Lafayette.

First reading was given for ordinance 2017-14, concerning setting the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) retainer percentage for the Village of West Lafayette.

First reading was given for ordinance 2017-15, concerning the adoption of Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) rules and regulations.

The village is assessing internet support service options, and looking at more cost-effective ways to continue to have consistent, reliable services for the village. The current internet service support provider contract will expire in December 2017.

Mobile 311 training was discussed, and training is planned to be done in two weeks. The village will be going live with Mobile 311 starting in April. Individuals with Smart Phones will be able to download the app and utilize the program via their phone.

Village council members will be completing Anti-Harassment training following the next regular council session on April 10.