During the April 10 regular council session, it was reported that the zoning board will be discussing the village ordinance concerning agriculture, horticulture (which includes beekeeping). The zoning board has scheduled a meeting for April 18. Mayor, Stephen Bordenkircher said that he felt the ordinance "needs to be cleaned up and simplified."

Local resident, Tim Tubbs, had earlier addressed his concerns about the agriculture ordinance with village council on March 27. Multiple village residents were present at that time to support Tubbs's concerns with the ordinance. A complaint had been filed by an individual that does not reside in West Lafayette regarding bee hives that are located on Tubbs's property. According to Tubbs, the hives were reported to be void of bees due to a loss of several honey bee swarms last year. Tubbs had also discussed his concern with the honey bee population being at risk of extinction and a need for the community to be educated on the importance for honey bee population to be saved, multiplied, and protected. Tubbs educated the council and those in attendance that with the loss of honey bees, the world would be in jeopardy of losing all flowering plants, which would result in the extinction of all fruits and vegetables.

Tubbs's property is located within the village limits and the current ordinance says keeping bees in the village is a violation of the ordinance code.

Items discussed at the April 10 council session included:

Assistant Fire Chief, Damon Gould reported that the new tanker truck is being prepared for service, and will be ready to utilize by this evening. Gould informed council that the old tanker will be put out for bids soon.

Council approved new firefighter, Seth Latham.

During police report, Chief Stephen Klopfenstein reported the police department had received a provisional award (meeting state standards). Chief Klopfenstein also thanked the village for their support of the recent Easter egg hunt that was held at Burt Park. Fifty-five children participated.

Contract for sewer extension on Johnson Road & Wall Street in process of being authorized.

Council approved re-painting cross-walks and upgrading some of the signs that are in poor condition.

Following a third reading, council approved ordinance 2017-10 regarding approving, adopting the 2017 Ohio Basic Code.

Second reading was given for ordinance 2017-13 regarding adopting regulations to receive public funding for organized recreational activities.

Second reading was given for resolution 2017-14 regarding setting Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) retainer percentage for the village, commencing October 1, 2017.

Second reading was also given for ordinance 2017-15 concerning adopting RITA rules and regulations.

First reading with emergency clause was given for resolution 2017-16 concerning expenses, adding funds for the fire department.

First reading with emergency clause was given for resolution 2017-17 authorizing re-allocation of funds ($6,892) for the fire department. Fire capital outlay equipment, and fire supplies (a three-foot hose, and four additional Scott tanks).

First reading with emergency clause was given for resolution 2017-18 regarding Mayor and village administration to sign an agreement for the provision of limited professional services with W.E, Quicksall and Associates, Inc. for the sanitary sewer extension project at Johnson Road and Wall Street.