During the regular council session on Monday night (April 17) it was reported that the building that houses the Newcomerstown Emergency Rescue Squad/Fire Department, located on College Street, is in need of repair. It was reported that due to the style of construction of the building that the roof and walls have been collecting water over the years, and has this been slowly eroding the brick and mortar walls. The building was reportedly constructed over one hundred years ago and was originally part of the Clow Pipe Works that began the business in Newcomerstown around 1897.

It was later mentioned that there may be a future possibility that the NERS/Fire Department may relocate/rebuild at a different site once options and funding can be explored. The building is also reportedly becoming less feasible with the larger size of the newer emergency vehicles, and additional equipment that needs to be housed inside.

Other items discussed by village council included:

Mayor, Pat Cadle publically thanked the sheriff's departments of Tuscarawas, Coshocton, and Guernsey Counties for their assistance in the investigation of the recent shooting involving a Newcomerstown officer.

Railroad spur at the Industrial Park was further discussed. Reagent, a chemical plant that is planning to relocate to Newcomerstown, is planning to purchase a 10-acre tract for the railroad spur to be constructed. The Industrial Park will greatly benefit from the access to the railroad.

A local resident has expressed interest in the purchase of five acres of the old canal bed on west Canal Street. The village will discuss it further once more information is obtained b y the Village solicitor, Robert Stephenson.

Tax abatement for HV Coil was discussed. Council said that they want to encourage new business in Newcomerstown due to the recent announcement of the closing of Caito. Council discussed a 50% tax abatement for the ten year period.

Parking on Main Street is reportedly a problem. Council discussed changing the parking to angled parking and creating additional parking lots specifically for tenants, and business owners in order to create additional parking for the public. At the present time, patrons are complaining of lack of parking on Main Street. Council is looking at the possible purchase of a parking lot owned by a local business on the west end of Main Street that is not heavily utilized any longer. The lot currently needs to be upgraded due to sinking concrete, but with the purchase by the village and concrete being upgraded, it would create ideal parking for the business owners and possibly some tenants of the upstairs apartments above local businesses.

House Bill #49 was discussed by council, and concerns regarding any support of the bill which is regarding control of sales taxes.

Michael Wise was approved for hire as Cy Young Pool Manager, and Kristen Meeks was approved for hire as Assistant Pool Manager.

The next regular council session is scheduled for May 1.