The suspect in a shooting in California might have broken an impasse in the investigation into the murder of a Coshocton County woman more than a decade past.

Lindsay Cutshall, 22, of Fresno in east central Coshocton County, and her fiance, Jason Allen, 26, of Zeeland, Mich., were found in their sleeping bags on a beach along the northern California coast in Sonoma County on Aug. 18, 2004. Both had sustained fatal gunshot wounds to the head.

The couple was scheduled to marry in a few weeks. Workers at a Christian youth camp, they were on a weekend trip when they were killed.

Authorities at the time believed their shooting to be random.

The investigation might have received a boost recently following the arrest of a Sonoma County man, 38-year-old Shaun Gallon, in connection with the March 17 shooting death of his brother.

According to Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas, Gallon was scrutinized following the discovery of the Bible camp workers about 80 miles north of San Fransisco, but no charges were filed against him.

Recently, Gallon was questioned regarding the 2004 slayings, and reportedly revealed details that only the killer could have known, Freitas said.

Gallon was charged with murder in late March for the death of his brother. Charges have not yet been filed in the connection with the deaths of Cutshall and Allen.