The village of Newcomerstown is looking at ways that will provide leverage for them to collect delinquent taxes.

During the recent regular council session, a delinquency program and a legal program, both offered by Regional Income Tax Administration service , also referred to as RITA, were discussed.

According to the village's fiscal officer, Lisa Stiteler, the delinquency program is comprised of a two step process. They will first attempt collection via letters to the individual. If the letters are not effective, the second step, a court subpoena, goes into effect. If the individual does not show up for the court hearing, the legal program, which involves a higher level of the court system, and larger fines being imposed, goes into effect. Having RITA to utilize both programs will provide assurance that the tax delinquency will be addressed appropriately, and hopefully be resolved.

Council approved a resolution for the fiscal officer to submit the application before the June 1 deadline to start both programs. RITA offers both program separate, or together. Council approved application for both programs in order to have the best leverage possible. Presently, the village sends letters out to individuals that are delinquent in paying their taxes, and has limited ability to actually collect the taxes if the individual continues to be non compliant in paying. According to the fiscal officer, just having RITA's presence on the letters will most likely improve the chances of resolving the matter quicker.

Other business discussed at the May 15 regular session included:

1. The construction of the sally port at the police department is in progress.

2. Council member Kristie Wilkin recognized National Police Week, and thanked the police department for keeping Newcomerstown safe, and for their ongoing dedication to the village.

3. The cemetery department was also recognized by Wilkin for their outstanding accomplishment in the recent mowing and maintenance at the cemetery.

4. Street department superintendent Chris Jones reports mosquito spraying will begin on June 1.

5. Mayor Pat Cadle thanked everyone who helped in any way to get the pool maintained, and ready for the summer season. The pool is scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend.

6. Phillip Waggoner of Coshocton will be repairing the faulty valve at the pool.

7. Nearly 70 residents took advantage of the recent village spring clean-up.

8. Civil Design has blueprints ready to be reviewed. It was noted that the water lines for Park Hill are over 100 years old, and will need replaced. The village will be alerting residents of Park Hill that the replacement will be extensive, and most likely create some inconvenience during the project.

9. The previous discussed tax abatement for HV Coil was discussed again. HV Coil is requesting a 75% tax abatement for 10 years. The village is interested in the same, but will not act on the request until HV Coil can provide proof of ownership of the building they are attempting to purchase (the former General Electric).

10. Mayor Cadle discussed the solar project that is being planned for the sewage treatment plant. The use of solar will bring revenue, and also save the village money on the use of electricity (that is used for the pumps). A CEO from Verdes Solutions (an investment company) is scheduled to be present at the next council meeting to discuss their plan.

11. During new business, ordinance #05-2017 concerning the approval of a right of way for the planned railroad spur near the industrial park, was given a second reading. The railroad spur will offer more opportunity to the industrial park once it is in place.

12. The rental house near West Lawn Cemetery was discussed. The current occupants are planning to move. The village is unsure of whether they want to invest in needed repairs, and upgrades of the house, or have it demolished. The structure's basement is in poor condition, and it is reportedly in great need of insulation, new windows. Council plans to tour the house once the occupants have moved and will discuss options further.

13. The resignation of Mark Henke, Assistant Street Superintendent, was approved. Henke has taken another position with ODOT. He will be available one day per week, and is interested in assisting the village on a less than part time position. Henke has a couple of projects for the cemetery that he would also like to finish. Council later approved Henke to work no more than 40 hours per month. He will start the Tech I position at the starting wage for a Tech I.

14. Seasonal workers for street department, Mitchell Russell and Therron Stocker, were approved.

15. A special meeting was scheduled for next Monday, May 22, for the purpose of hiring a third seasonal worker, and lifeguards at the pool. The persons are completing required training at this point and could not yet be officially hired.