It may have started out on a rainy note but two solid days of sunshine brought smiles to all concerned with the 2017 Cy Young Days.

Torrential rains complicated the kick-off for the festival on Friday, forcing the Queen's Contest inside and limiting the number of people attending.

But the Cy Young Run on Saturday morning had almost ideal conditions and that warm and sunny weather continued on for all the events over the next two days.

Cy Young Award winner Jack McDowell proved to be an amiable and gracious grand marshal for the parade and took the time to sign multiple autographs for baseball fans of all ages. McDowell attended many of the events, including the Queen's Contest, the Cy Young Run and, of course, as grand marshall for the parade.

The parade in particular was very well attended, with a crowd several feet deep along most of the Main Street route.

On Sunday, the annual Car Show also drew a good size crowd.

And what would Cy Young Days be without a baseball game? The Ohio Historical Society's "Muffins," a baseball team fashioned in uniforms and playing by the rules of the 1880's, came to Cy Young Park and played against a team of local players.

Results of the Talent Show and Car Show will be included in next week's edition of The Newcomerstown News.

Mackenza Lehman was named the 2017 Cy Young Queen. She is the daughter of Kendra Carpenter and Rick Lehman and plans to pursue a career in the United States Air Force.

The Junior Queen is Alexis Nicole Quillen, daughter of Nickie and Joe Somogye. The Mini-Queen is Abigail J. Wilkin, daughter of Kimberly Wilkin and Andy Wagoner. The Cy Young Princess is Adyson Hursey, daughter of Amanda Bourne and Andrew Hursey.

The new court succeeds the 2016 court of Queen Cheyenne McMullen, daughter of Kevin and Stacy McMullen; Junior Queen Crimzen Christmas, daughter of Cory and Debbie Christmas; Junior Queen Gia Miller, daughter of Chris and Shar Miller; and Mini-Queen Rylee Johnson, daughter of Jeff and Riki Johnson.

Vane Scott was master of ceremonies for the Queen's Contest and colors were posted by the Newcomerstown Color Guard.