The Newcomerstown School Board recently approved the resignation of High School Principal, Matt Fockler. Fockler has accepted the position of principal at the Buckeye Career Center.

He has been with the Newcomerstown school system, and held the position of principal at the High School for the past several years. At this time there is no information concerning a replacement for the position.

Other items discussed during the June 26 Board session included:

1. The Board approved the 2017 permanent appropriations, and the 2018 temporary appropriations. The 2018 temporary appropriations total $7,880,560.

2. The Board approved to advance $175,000 from the general fund to the cafeteria fund.

3. Liability insurance was approved for renewal with the Ohio School Plan. The premium for 2016-17 is at $54,801, while the premium for 2017-18 is $52,206.

4. Lana Cushman was approved to move from the Master's degree salary schedule to the Master's Plus 15 salary schedule.

5. Regina Schilling was approved for tuition reimbursement, course Help Students Self Regulate, 1 semester hour, Muskingum University.

6. The Board approved a donation from the Moose Lodge #1337 for $108. The donation will be placed in special cost center within the general fund.

7. The OME-RESA member services agreement was approved for the 2018 fiscal year.

8. Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools (CORAS) Regional Council of Governments membership was approved for the 2017-018 school year at a cost of $325.

9. The Board approved Aesop Master service agreement, effective June 26, 2017. The agreement is between the Governing Board of Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga County (on behalf of the North Coast Shared Service Alliance) and Newcomerstown Exempted Village Schools.

10. Muskingum Valley ESC contract was approved for the 2018 fiscal year.

11. Transition agreement between Harcatus Head Start and LEA was approved.

12. Interagency agreement between Harcatus Head Start and LEA was approved.

13. Smart Way Communications Tower usage agreement was approved.

14. AVI Food Systems, Inc. was approved for food service management contract for the 2017-18 school year.

15. Jason Peoples was approved as interim Superintendent in the absence of Jeff Staggs if/when he is attending required meetings or is incapacitated during the 2017-18b school year.

16. Rachel Cathey was approved as fifth grade Intervention Specialist MA-0 at a salary of $35,782.

17. The Board approved resolution #119-17 to change the employment of third grade Summer Reading School teacher to employ Samantha Jones.

18. The Board approved resignation of Walt Cerrato, fifth grade ELA teacher, effective for June 20, 2017.

19. Employee transfers were approved for: Angie Cabot (from fifth grade teacher to Dean of Students at West Elementary), J.J. Lute (from third grade teacher to PEAK teacher), Ashley Parson (from first grade teacher to third grade teacher), and Regina Schilling (from fourth grade teacher to fifth grade ELA teacher).

20. Tanya Robinson was approved for employment at East/West cafeteria at a salary of $10,098.

21. Lyndsey Youngen was approved as JV volleyball coach, effective June 16, 2017.

22. Adam Lefler was approved as drama coach for fall play, and spring musical at stipend of $1,589 for fall, and same stipend for spring. Lefler has six years experience in drama/musicals.

23. Don Stevens was approved as Junior High cross country coach at stipend of $1,589. Tyler Kiner was approved as Junior Varsity girl's basketball coach at a stipend of $3,178, and Ryan Hendershot was approved as Junior High football coach at a stipend of $2,225.

24. Brad Lineback (7/1/17-10/21/17), Robb Hendershot (11/1/17-2/28/17), and Dirk Gadd (3/1/18-6/30/18) were approved as strength coaches (during specified time frames) at a stipend of $1,272.

25. The Board approved the following: Tim Davis (Junior varsity boy's basketball coach) at stipend of $3,178. Chris Millrer (Eighth grade boy's basketball coach) at stipend of $2,225. Tiffany Shaw (Junior high cheerleading advisor: basketball, and football) at stipend of $1,748. Alan Fish (Junior high football coach) at stipend of $2,225. Cora Thompson (Eighth grade volleyball coach) at stipend of $1,589, and Summer Jacobs (Seventh grade volleyball coach) at a stipend of $1,589.

26. The following volunteers were approved: Mike Porcher, Tim Kilpatrick, and Todd Bell (Boy's basketball). Matt Davis, Jason Bryant (Varsity football), and Lyndsey Youngen (JV volleyball).

27. Lori Wright was approved as Majorette advisor, and Color Guard advisor, at stipend of $1,112 (for each position).

28. Fall Sports calendar was approved for 2017-18 school year.

29. Abby Collins, Seth Corder, Chris Lipinski, Erin Peoples, Jason Peoples, Jeff Staggs, Mark Wolff, and Chuck Eicholtz were approved as school van drivers for the Newcomerstown School System.