What was called into 911 early Wednesday afternoon as a potential boating accident, putting area emergency crews in full alert, turned out to be nothing more than a boat that sank in the waters of Salt Fork Lake. According to reports, the boat began taking on water due to mechanical deficiencies shortly after being put in at the North Salem boat ramp Tuesday evening. The operator, who is from the New Philadelphia area, was able to get the craft with two others aboard across the lake to the nearest shore before it listed and sank. Wednesday, a woman saw the sunken boat and reported it as a possible boating accident. Emergency responders from Liberty Volunteer Fire Department, the Guernsey County Sheriff's Office, an officer from the Ohio Division of Watercraft and the manager of the Sugartree Marina all responded. While enroute, the call was cancelled after it was determined the boat had only sunk. Here, the owner bails water as it was being towed back to the boat ramp by friends. Barry Willms provided the boat for this photographer.