It always amazes me how natural honesty comes to little kids. I recently watched my 5-year-old set straight a group of grown men. Of course it was too darn funny to ever forget it, but her message has stuck with me. We were visiting family a few weeks ago and one of our aunts had made my oldest a plate of softball cookies to take back to her team. So as not to leave the little one out, her she also made a special plate of princess flower cookies just for her. When you are the youngest, it is rare that anything is truly yours...always getting toys passed down and sharing essentially from the day you were born, but these had her name on them in fancy pink icing, they were HERS.

As she enjoyed one of her cherished cookies, her grandpa and uncles teased her, telling her she had to share those cookies. So my little princess stood in the middle of some of her favorite people and made a decision, okay... she would share. She took out a big flower cookie and broke off a little chunk for everyone. Always the joker, her grandpa began to whine and complain about only getting a tiny piece. Without saying a word, the fierce little thing that she is went around the circle, took back the bits she had shared and popped them into her mouth. She then smiled and walked away.

It was by far one of the funniest things she has ever done. Clearly she decided that if they couldn't be happy with what she had given them, then they didn't deserve to have anything at all. In her world all that mattered was her princess cookies, but I think we could all learn something from her. We have created a society where we always want more. Faster internet service, more efficient cars, better job opportunities...the list could go on forever.

I often find myself on the front step begging more doors to open. It frustrates me that we don't have more funding, more research, or better yet more answers about the cruel diseases that destroy the lives of so many.

It breaks my heart that we can't find a way to spread more love than we do hate. I watch the news and pray we can develop more ways to make the world a safer place. While every "more" is important, we can't let what we need, no matter how badly we need it, overshadow all that we are so lucky to already have today. We live in a world where we have clean water to drink, organizations that fight for our freedom and programs that try to feed those who are hungry. There is so much good in this world, but at times the desire to have more blocks our view of what we already have in front of us.

Sure having a bigger house, or a better car, or an easier job would be wonderful, but imagine if you had to give up everything you have right now. You'd miss that house payment you struggle to make or that old beat up car that got you to work everyday, not to mention that job you don't like that ensures you can afford to put food in your fridge.

Wanting life to be better isn't a bad thing as long as it doesn't keep you from being thankful for what you do have, because while it might not seem like you have much, I guarantee there is someone who there who has much less. I know it's hard, but just try to remember that a tiny bite of a yummy cookie always tastes better than no cookie at all.