COLUMBUS -- Torrential downpour dampened some of this year's activities at this year's Special Olympics Summer Games at the Ohio State University in Columbus, but it did little to dampen the spirit of the 27 athletes and 16 coaches/ volunteers who represented Tuscarawas County.

The event was held from June 23-25.

Tuscarawas County was represented in the sports of bocce, bowling, and athletics (track & field).

Over 500 athletes from across the state competed in the games. While opening ceremonies and the outdoor events (athletics) were cancelled on Friday, they were rescheduled for later in the weekend.

Athletes stayed in the dormitories on campus and participated in activities such as a dance, Tent Town, and team meals. The Masons of Ohio contributed several thousand dollars to the state event, offsetting the cost by more than 50 percent.

Individual performances by Tuscarawas County athletes were as follows:


Gold medals -- Shane York and Eric Lingo

Bronze -- Rodney Fuller and Sammy Thornton

Bronze -- Robert Easlick and Nathan Machan

Fourth place -- Chelsea Lefler and Conner DiGenova


Gold -- Nathaniel Wells, Wendy Garver, Donovan Nolan

Silver -- Jonathan Wheeler

Bronze -- Jefferson Bevans, Jacob Amore, Chuck Heavilin

Fourth place -- Nicole Hamma

Athletics (track and field)

Kaylee Arthurs - Bronze (100m dash), Sixth (softball throw)

William Chambers - Silver (100, softball throw)

Liz Lippencott - Bronze (400m walk, Softball Throw)

Chris McDade - Bronze (100m dash), Fourth place (softball throw)

Rachel Russell - Gold (4x100 relay), Silver (200m dash), Bronze (mini javelin)

Logan Wise - Gold (200m dash and 4x100 relay), Participation Dash, Bronze (softball throw)

Jennifer Gerstung - Silver (400m walk), Fourth place (softball throw)

Craig Gordon - Silver (100m dash), Fourth place (mini javelin)

Steve Hazelip - Gold (4x100 relay), Silver (100m dash), Fourth place (shot put)

Jennifer Hostetler - Silver (50m dash and Ribbon (softball throw)

Kershel Zehnder - Gold (4x100 relay and mini javelin), Silver (100m dash)

Employees from the Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Advocates for Success, parents and friends were present at the team send off on the morning of June 23. The New Philadelphia Police Department provided a police escort through town the morning of the departure.

Volunteers and athletes agree that it was a weekend to remember.