GAHANNA -- Having a yard sale or community fundraiser this summer?

AEP Ohio, a unit of American Electric Power is reminding residents about the dangers of posting signs to utility poles a practice that creates unsafe working conditions for its employees.

"Workers need to access poles to ensure the reliability of electric service. Signs that are placed on poles are a hazard for our employees and contractors," said Jim Goodnite, region manager of safety and health for AEP Ohio.

Objects used to hang signs -- such as staples, tacks and nails -- can obstruct climbing equipment, causing a worker to slip or fall. They can also tear the protective clothing that protects a worker from electricity. Even the tiniest pinhole in a glove is enough to cause a burn or other injury.

AEP Ohio is urging individuals not to post signs on utility poles for businesses, events or any other purpose. Not only is it dangerous, but in some areas it is illegal.

"There's no message worth endangering workers," Goodnite said.

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