GNADENHUTTEN -- Ohio's oldest existing settlement at Gnadenhutten was founded by German Americans and Lenape Native Americans in 1772, and today it s home to nearly 1,300 people.

Every August, residents of the village and visitors celebrate Pioneer Days, an annual fundraising event sponsored by the Gnadenhutten Historical Society.

This year's Pioneer Days will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday and will feature a pre-1840 encampment where guests can step back in time while campers demonstrate skills and accouterment relative to the period.

Guests can listen to stories told by campers that remain in character for the weekend and enjoy simple clothing, woodworking, sewing, cooking over an open fire, music, crafts, and games while they meander through the grounds.

The Gnadenhutten Museum is located at 352 South Cherry Street.

Pioneer Days Schedule

Saturday, Aug. 5

11 a.m., Concession stand opens

12 p.m., Trumpet in The Land presentation.

1 p.m., Chief Logan

2 p.m., Dramatic re-enactment of Chief Netawatwees and David Zeisberger

3 p.m., Indian Salli presentation

4 p.m., Chief Cornstalk

7 p.m., Memorial ceremony at Mound

8 p.m., Zeisberger sermon around the fire

The movie "Apostle to the Indians" runs continuously from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the museum.

Sunday, Aug 6

8 a.m., Moravian service in historic chapel

12 p.m., Dan Cutler (both stories)

2 p.m., Crock auction

2:30 p.m., Festival closes