WEST LAFAYETTE -- The village of West Lafayette will soon be losing long-time village solicitor, Bill Owens, and welcoming a new village solicitor. Owens, announced that he is not actually retiring from law practice just yet, but is moving in a different direction with his practice. He said that he is going to be working less with public law, and focusing more on real estate, and probate court. Owens thanked the village for the opportunity to work in the capacity of village solicitor for West Lafayette.

Village council later approved a first reading with emergency clause for ordinance #2017-35 concerning the hiring of a new village solicitor, Brett Hilliyer, effective September 1, 2017.

Business discussed during the July 24 regular council session included the following:

■ Buildings & grounds committee reported that a citation was issued to a Fourth Street resident for violation of the dilapidated structure ordinance, and not responding with a plan of action for improving the property. Several of the residences that were listed earlier that were in violation of the same ordinance have submitted their plans for improving the dilapidated structures, and improving their properties. One resident was granted a 90 day extension to improve their property due to special circumstances.

■ Resolution #2017-36 was adopted concerning the base pay and benefits for the remainder of the year for village employees. A first reading with emergency clause was approved.

■ Council approved ordinance #2017-37 to amend chapter 152 of the zoning code for the village. This is concerning agriculture, floriculture, vitaculture, and animal & poultry husbandry, and the necessary accessory uses of packing, treating, or storing produce on properties located within the village.

■ Council also approved ordinance #2017-38 to permit apiculture (the keeping of bee hives) within the village. A first reading with emergency clause was given.

The next regular village council session is scheduled for August 14, 2017.