Hold The Fort! Is it a song, a command, challenge, duty or right? I believe it's all of those. I believe it's a command and duty to continue the fight. The battle is not over and we must keep preaching the truth; pointing the lost to Jesus Christ. Will they always listen? Not always, and that's when the challenge comes to tell one more. Just when it seems your strength and will to continue is gone, someone does listen. There comes that one who wants to know more; that one who wants to meet the Savior, Jesus Christ. As a Christian we also have the right and privilege to tell others about Him. How will they know if we don't tell them? I met Jesus a long time ago and I consider it a privilege to tell what He has done for me.

As a song I believe I have two favorite parts. In the first verse it says, "Reinforcements now appearing, Victory is nigh." I see a battle raging, soldiers surrounded and many feeling the pains of defeat when just over the hill there is a sound of horses, chariots and cheers of victory as help arrives. The fight will continue and the battle won; the enemy defeated.

Then I hear the chorus. "Hold the fort for I am coming, Jesus signals still. Wave the answer back to Heaven. By thy grace we will." I look around and all over the church I see Bibles raised in answer to the call to hold the fort. It encourages my heart to know that these Bibles signify hearts that are dedicated and committed to serving God, continuing the battle, and following our great commander, Jesus Christ. We can't give up! We won't give up! New recruitments are being added. Victory is just ahead.

It's a blessing to know that I can do my part to help hold the fort even as the battle continues yet victory is nigh.

Published in the Countryside Baptist Church bulletin June 26,2016.