Newcomerstown Village fiscal officer Lisa Stiteler has announced that delinquency letters have been sent out for several Newcomerstown residents that are in non-compliance with property taxes. The letters were sent by Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) on July 19 to more than several active, non-filing tax payers.

Stiteler reports that the delinquency program involves the issuance of two letters to the delinquent resident. The first letter is a memo-type letter to inform the resident that the tax amount is past due and payment, and/or supporting documents are needed promptly. The second letter is an administrative subpoena if the individual has not responded to the first letter.

Stiteler said that some of the letters may possibly need no more than the resident to inactivate the tax account if the resident has retired, relocated from the village of Newcomerstown, passed away, or due to other specific circumstances. Those residents that need to inactive tax accounts will need to contact the RITA office.

Residents that need to provide documents (including W2, schedules, returns, or checks) must submit the information or payment to: Attention: Compliance Dept 198, Regional Income Tax Agency, PO Box 470538, Broadview Heights, OH 44147-0538, or fax documents to: 440-922-3510.

Stiteler said that residents should not send, or fax anything to any of the RITA offices, and only submit to the address/fax that has been provided (in this article). Failure to send the payment, or documents will lead to delay, and possibly lead to the resident receiving the subpoena letter.

All subpoenas that have been issued will be scheduled on Sept. 19 at the Newcomerstown Municipal Building, 124 W. Church St.

For further information, contact Stiteler at 740-498-6289.