Editor's note: We had reached out to Mayor Pat Cadle after receiving a "Letter to the Editor" critical of the decision to have a beer garden as part of the Gateway to Fall Festival in Newcomerstown. Unfortunately, the response came in after deadline but we are including it here)


The Village did not apply for a liquor license and is not using the festival to raise funds for village operations. The Gateway to Fall Festival Committee applied for the license. The mayor, the police department, and the State of Ohio approved it. The Beer Garden was one of the ideas to raise more funds for the Thomas R. Little Community Fund, a foundation that is being created to help families and organizations in Newcomerstown School District and provide more scholarships for our high students. The beer garden is a small part of the festival. It will be adjacent to the school parking lot during the festival on Miskimen Street and open from 3-5pm and 7-10 pm, when the bands are playing their music. There will be a police presence at that area when the garden is open and adults must be 21 (will be carded) to enter the garden. No beer can leave the garden. Our Veteran's Honor Guard is running its operation. If there are problems, that will weigh into the decision for next year. This festival is part of a constructive effort to build something good for our community. Let us give it a chance to be operated the right way before condemning it.

Pat Cadle, Mayor