In the past year or two, I re-subscribed to The News and I really like what you have done with the format and the expansion to include surrounding communities. I look forward to seeing it every week. My favorite column is the "Trip Down Memory Lane." That is not to say that I do not enjoy the remainder of the "News," but when one has been away from Newcomerstown for 50 years, one looks for connections to his or her past. By the way, I haven't seen any snippets from the class of 1965 recently.

But, that is not why I am writing to you. I thought I would take you down a memory lane as it relates to the News and my association with it in the 60s. I was a 1965 graduate of Newcomerstown High School. In 1963, I had the opportunity to go to work at the, then, Newcomerstown News. I was referred to the position by a young graduate, John Palmer, who worked there for the previous three years.

Those were the days! I, and two of my classmates, worked from 6 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday and wrapped the "News" for mailing to its subscribers on Thursday. On every third Saturday (we would alternate), one of us would work half the day sweeping the facility from front to back. Saturdays were the worst! That was the day that all of the lead scrap from linotype machines had to be swept up, melted and poured into the forms for the coming week.

I am guessing that much of that last paragraph is foreign to most of you. The world is different now. But I still remember my days at the "Newcomerstown News." That job opportunity gave me the ability to be a student athlete while still learning some life skills and responsibility at the same time. I am reaching way back here, but I think the owner of the News at the time was Max Julian.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

Randy Osler, class of 65