Following an informational session regarding the location of a chemical company in the Newcomerstown Industrial Park, Mayor Pat Cadle said "the information session raised a lot a good questions."

Residents from the Booth Acres, Mizer Addition and surrounding areas of Newcomerstown attended the meeting with David Matuszkiewicz, a representative and operations manager for the company’s Institute, West Virginia plant, available to provide information for the session and answer questions.

Mayor Cadle said residents attending the session questioned their safety, and if there would happen to be a spill and whether there is an evacuation plan that would be implemented.

"These are all good questions and we (the village) are working on protocols, plans in order to have all our bases covered, and keep everyone safe," Mayor Cadle said. He added that he is working with council member Heather Stein-Wells, also a member of the Newcomerstown Emergency Rescue Squad, in securing a Hazmat plan.

Cadle emphasized that the village has everyone’s safety as the foremost thought, and want to ensure the immediate community of Booth Acres and Mizer Addition, as well as surrounding areas of Newcomerstown, that there will definitely be a plan, and process to follow, which will be clearly outlined in order to ensure everyone’s safety if an accidental spill, or exposure of some type would happen to occur.

Cadle earlier said the village of Newcomerstown is in a contact phase with Reagent Chemical, and negotiations are still pending. The village will first need to complete construction of a quarter mile long railroad spur across County Road 15 to the site at the industrial park.

Reagent Chemical Company is located in Ringoes, New Jersey. The company works with hydrochloric acid. According to earlier report the company has an outstanding safety record, and are one of the largest distributors of hydrochloric acid in the country.

The potential relocation of Reagent to Newcomerstown could supply 15-20 new jobs. The development of the railroad spur to the industrial park will also make the industrial park more marketable, thus possibly bring more business and revenue to Newcomerstown, according to Cadle.