I heard a pastor on the radio recently tell a story about a boy and a boat. It seems the small boy had a little boat that he played with at the edge of the water. Then something else caught his attention and he left the boat for a short time. Returning he found that the boat had drifted beyond his reach. A man watched and seeing that the child was unable to save the boat he offered to help. He began throwing small rocks into the water where they landed just on the far side of the boat. The little boy became upset and told the man he didn’t want him to sink the boat. The man then explained that when the rocks landed in the water they made ripples. When the child saw that each ripple brought the little boat closer to shore he began to understand. After a few minutes of rocks and ripples the boat was back within reach.

Hearing this story I had to wonder how many times God may have thrown rocks causing ripples, bringing me back to the shore when I left His care. It’s certainly easy to become distracted as we travel through this life allowing us to become adrift on waters too wide or too deep for safe traveling. It’s a real blessing to know that God always sees when I am in danger and will come to my rescue, even when it may mean the rocks land close to the ship. Soon the ripples will bring me back to safety. Then once again I thank Him for His love and care.

Thank God for the blessings.

Published in the Countryside Baptist Church bulletin August 3,2014.