Congratulations to the September Students of the Month at Newcomerstown Middle School, Jaidyn Peoples, Olivia Valdez and Ellie Crank.

The sixth grade teachers have nominated Jaidyn Peoples as their Student of the Month for September and have numerous comments to share about her. Jaidyn is a positive role model and a hard-working student. She brings a smile on her face and willingness to make a difference at school on a daily basis. Jaidyn has a genuine concern for others and makes her peers feel appreciated. She jumps in to provide assistance in the classroom when a student needs help and just makes NMS a more special place with her positive attitude and her Trojan spirit! Jaidyn, daughter of Jason and Erin Peoples, enjoys playing the piano and playing basketball in her free time. Her favorite class this year is math because she enjoys challenges and learning new things. If she were the principal, she would make an outdoor space to go eat as an alternative to eating inside. Some more fun facts about Jaidyn are that she has three pets, a dog, a cat and a horse; her favorite meal is tacos; the last movie she watched was "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul"; her all-time favorite book is "Wonder"; she doesn't feel she could live without music; her worst fear is spiders; her favorite celebrity is Lauren Daigle; she feels her strengths are piano, reading and math; and if she could be invisible, she would clean up the environment without anyone knowing. The best piece of advice given to Jaidyn so far came from her mom, who told her, "The day is what you make it." This helps Jaidyn to make every day great! Jaidyn feels her greatest achievement is reaching her fifth year of piano, and in the future, she hopes to have a nice house, a good job and to be happy. Congratulations, Jaidyn! Your teachers are proud of you!

Olivia Valdez, seventh-grade daughter of Amanda Resh and Philip Valdez, was selected by her teachers to be September's Student of the Month because of her positive personality. She comes to class daily with a smile on her face. She is also polite to students and teachers, considerate of others and always pays close attention in class. Olivia's hobbies and extracurricular activities include cheerleading and dance, and her favorite class is history, because she likes learning about the past. If she were the principal at NMS, she'd try to be like Mr. Peoples, because she feels he is doing a great job. Some more fun facts about Olivia are that she has three pet dogs, Lola, Addy and Aaron; her favorite meal is pasta; her favorite celebrity is Gal Gadot; the last movie she went to see was "Nut Job 2", which she saw with her grandma; her worst fear is ladybugs; and if she could possess a superpower, she would choose the ability to fly so that she could see the earth from a bird's-eye view. Olivia credits her mom and dad for giving her the best advice yet, which was, "Never give up; keep trying." So far, she feels her greatest accomplishment has been getting good grades, and her future plans include becoming a radiologist. Congratulations, Olivia! Your teachers really enjoy having you in their classes!

Eighth-grade student Ellie Crank was chosen by her teachers as September Student of the Month because she is a very mature and polite young lady who exhibits good work ethic and completes her work fully. She is a great example of a motivated student. Ellie, daughter of Matthew and Emmy Crank, enjoys a variety of activities in her spare time, including horseback riding, cosplay (dressing as fictional characters), sewing and drawing. She lists multiple classes as her favorites this year — history because she gets to learn about the past, science because she gets to learn about nature and art because she likes to draw. If she were principal, she would make sure to deal with kids who bully others. Some more fun facts about Ellie are that she has six dogs and four horses; her favorite meal is pizza; the last movie saw was "Batman and Harley Quinn"; her favorite all-time book is "Black Beauty"; she feels her artistic ability is one of her strengths; her favorite celebrity is Margot Robbie; she doesn't think she could live without her horses, sewing and cosplay; her worst fears are spiders and snakes; and if she were invisible, she would scare people in a haunted house. The best advice Ellie has received came from her mother who said, "Don't worry...people just bully others because they are jealous of them." Ellie feels her greatest accomplishment has been making costumes for other people, and in the future, hopes to become a fashion designer. Congratulations, Ellie!