Steve Calhoun, originally from Newcomerstown, sent some pictures and information from his home in Universal City, Fla., with the approach of the recent horrific weather in this area, Calhoun said, "There are two distinctive camps. Those who have been through the year Ivan, Frances, etc. crisscrossed the state and sustained little, are not boarding up and you see a lot of social media memes about hurricane parties, etc., even with those people bravado masks worry. Those who lived through Andrew in Miami or did sustain past damage are really on edge. Stores are pretty barren. Everything from my deck will squeeze into the garage or be bungees to poles on the deck. My 12-year-old has slept with us the last couple nights. I went to six stores for D batteries. Would be easier to find gold at this point. Never did. Have a pattern type flashlight that will be of no help. Watching Harvey in Houston has amplified concerns. Oh, my 12-year-old was born Aug. 31, 2005. We watched Katrina on TV between contractions. Miracle of childbirth and dear and destruction simultaneously. Surreal." Notice that one of the pictures has someone dressed as a rabbit; of course that is a reference to the movie "Harvey" starring Jimmy Stewart that features a six-foot invisible rabbit named "Harvey."