NEW CONCORD — Bryce Hains, Muskingum University student of West Lafayette, attended the National Forum to Advance Rural Education in Columbus. The forum was hosted by the National Rural Education Association (NREA). Students who attended the forum are among the Ohio Appalachian Teacher Fellows at the University.

Hains supported Muskingum staff Beth DaLonzo, director of admission, and Rae White, professor of education and chair of the education department, at the session titled "Teacher Preparation Responding to Rural Teacher Shortage by Partnering." Battelle for Kids representatives Jacqueline Burke, senior director of improvement and impact, and Mike Thomas, senior director of innovation, served as the response panel following the presentation.

The NREA, founded in 1907, is the voice of all rural schools and rural communities across the United States. The organization helps rural educators find and use the resources needed to educate today’s students.