If you have gone to a Newcomerstown basketball game in the past 38 years, you have likely seen Glen Speer at the scorers table running the clock.

Speer, a life-long Newcomerstown resident has been running the clock since 1979 for not only the boy’s and girl’s varsity basketball teams, but the junior varsity and junior high teams as well.

"I have lived here all my life and this home to me," offered Speer, a graduate of Newcomerstown High School in 1975. "I’ve always said that I would be going to the games anyway, so might as well have the best seat in the house."

"I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great people and coaches over the years," he continued. "I have seen a lot of good basketball teams and have watched these kids come and go."

Speer has also been keeping clock for the volleyball team the past 15 years.

Newcomerstown High Athletic Director, Mark Wolff praised Speer for all he has done over the years.

"Glen has been working the clock since I was the basketball coach," offered Wolff. "He has been so devoted to the kids in junior high and high school and has pretty much been working five days a week because there is almost always a game going on everyday. His contributions are so valuable to us."

Speer doesn’t plan on giving up his front row seat anytime soon.

"I will continue to do it as long as I enjoy it," Speer concluded. "I have seen a lot of generations come through and have been able to see a lot of great basketball games with the league we are in. I just really enjoy doing it."