Joseph’s Christmas

Joseph stood and watched as his darling Mary slept.

O’er the baby they’d been promised, he a silent vigil kept.

His thoughts had numbered as the stars, as he’d watched the scene unfold,

Though he’d known how it would happen; by an angel he’d been told.

This tiny baby, son of God, now was theirs to raise,

And Joseph’s heart was broken as he gave his Father praise.

Though he didn’t understand all that was to come,

He’d do his very best, by his young wife and their son.

He knew that God had come to earth to save a dying race,

So in the greater plan of things, Joseph took his place.

He’d trust the Lord to let him know, what needs must be done,

And the race now set before him, he’d humbly, quietly, run.

That first Christmas found him, standing tall and proud.

But his heart was full of love, as before the Lord he bowed.

Wilda Caplinger

I have often wondered what Mary and Joseph must have been thinking the night Jesus was born. They knew He was the son of God and that He had come to save the world but did they understand the challenges they would face in raising Him? Could they have known that the world would reject Him? Did they have any idea of how His life would end, or how soon? I really don’t believe Mary understood the pain and anguish she would face as she watched Jesus die. Would they have done things differently if they could have known?

But did they know too, of how the life and death of one man, their son, would impact the world thousands of years later? Could they have known that the death of their son would be the cause of every man having the opportunity to spend eternity with the Lord? Did they understand that the baby Joseph watched would pay the sin price for me, and for you?

A blessing to ponder.

Published in the Countryside Baptist Church bulletin December 14,2014.