"Eddy" is visiting Baker’s IGA in commemoration of Baker’s 100th anniversary. Eddy, a mascot truck for Baker’s, was in the store recently and will be visiting all of the Baker’s IGA stores for Christmas. Eddy’s name comes from three generations of Baker’s, according to store owner Gary Baker, "My Grandfather was Edwin Lewis, my dad Lewis Edwin and I’m Gary Edwin. ‘Eddy’ was the name my dad’s very best friends called him, it seemed appropriate." As with any soon to be 65 year old, Eddy needed a bit of a makeover. New brakes, gauges, taillights, exhaust, gas tank, fuel lines, hoses, a new retro radio and a lot of grease and oil where needed. Pictured are Baker, standing, and Roger Seitz of Baker’s IGA, inside "Eddy."