School board member gives thanks for serving

Open letter to the community members of the Newcomerstown Exempted Village School District:

In appreciation for the opportunity you entrusted to me, I would like to thank the Newcomerstown community members who have supported me in the four prior elections.

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the Newcomerstown Schools these past 12 years.

I am extremely proud of the progress that the district has made during that time. A cooperative spirit among the members of both the classified and certified associations, parents, and community member has ensured that the students of Newcomerstown have all the training, tools, skills and latest technology for successful livelihood beyond graduation.

Our facilities, staff and administration are superb. Our student body continues to excel academically and otherwise. Participation and success within several of our athletic and other extra-curricular activities are on the rise.

Many times, visitors to our community have mentioned that Newcomerstown schools are the best kept secret in Tuscarawas County. Positive comments have ranged from cleanliness, conduct, professionalism and academic strengths. Taken in light of our community's current financial and economic hurdles, it is important to note that these accomplishments have been the result of Trojan pride.

I wish to welcome Mr. Nay as well as congratulate him, Dr. Lahmers and Mrs. Mayhew as they continue on the journey of doing what is best for kids.

Joy Snyder