Listen, my brothers and sistersPastor Martin AddyCornerstone North Church, NewcomerstownWhat joy. What fun. I'm on my way to getting a new house. There's nothing wrong with the house I have right now, don't get me wrong. But new things are exciting.I'll have to move of course and I'm really looking forward to that. You're probably thinking, move! Have you lost your mind! All the packing and unpacking, I'd rather stay where I am. I hate moving too. Just the thought of it makes my head hurt. But my new home is fully furnished, I don't need anything. All I have to do is go.About 12 or so years ago, some old friends of mine invited me to take part in this. They told me I couldn't go wrong. So I thought about it for several weeks. You know as well as I, anything that sounds too good to be true, probably is. Well, I took them up on their offer. Boy am I glad I did. It's not everyday someone offers you a new home for free.The house isn't built yet, at least I haven't been asked to come and see it. I know what you're thinking, fool! I hope you haven't invested too much. Actually, I have. Everything I do is in preparation for my new home. I have a contract as thick as a book and it was written by an advocate. The contract calls the house a mansion. So if it takes years to build, I will understand. I've read where the owner of this place owns the cattle of a thousand hills. I don't know how many cows that is but that's a lot of land.O yeah, I almost forgot. It's in a gated community. Fancy place. It's to my understanding that you have to pass through 12 gates to enter the city, then there's a river that runs down the center of it. Wow! What fun! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! I'm not the only one getting a new home. There are many others too. I have family and friends that already live there, which I thought was a hoax. When I first heard about this place, I thought what kind of joke is this? But after investigating and asking hundreds of questions, I've found this place to be real. How do I get in on this you may ask. That's the easy part. I figured I'd have to work night and day for an opportunity like this.I sat down and read the contract from cover to cover. As I began to read, I found that this was written for anyone with a desire and a hope for change. It's written with clear instructions and it tells of pitfalls to look out for as you join me on this awesome journey. This place that I talk about is heaven and the contract is God's Holy Bible. Go to the house of the Lord this Sunday and learn more about this place called Heaven.