Can you imagine being a slave. Totally given over to someone that has the authority to control your every move. To tell you how to behave. How to present yourself. How to speak or even how to live. To have your life consumed both day and night by the master. I think a person in this state would do whatever it took to free himself.

I know a man who, on purpose, placed himself in this exact position. He told another that he would be his slave. No matter the task he would gladly do it. He was so bold in his statement he said, "not only will I do what ever you ask but I will serve you all the days of my life. You will be my master and I will be your slave."

I hope you're thinking what I'm thinking.

(This guy needs to see a doctor because there is definitely something wrong with him.)

Well, as time passed, everything seemed to be going great. The master, as any good master, took very good care of his slave. He supplied all his needs. Matter of fact, the slave could never recall a time that he ever had to beg for bread.

One day, the master asked him to tell others about him. The slave thought, I can't do that. People already think I'm weird. The master reminded him of his promise. "What ever you ask, I will do." He went on doing other things the master asked him to do, but he would remain disobedient when it came to the subject of telling others.

Time, as time does, passed by and the slave refused to share about his master. Realizing what a patient and kind master he had, he began to refuse and disobey other commands. After all, he did volunteer. No one forced him to be a bond-servant. The master began to show him his rebellion. He explained, if he was to continue on this path that their relationship would deteriorate. How multitudes of people would love to be in his place. But how could they? How could someone know the love and friendship of the master if he didn't share their relationship? Millions of people want to know this kind of security. But they're afraid because they have watched the one who claims the master as their Master, walk in rebellion and disobedience.

Even though you may refuse to speak verbally about the Master, your life speaks volumes to those around you. You're the only Jesus the world sees. You're the only Bible the world reads. So step out in boldness and love. Share the good news of Jesus Christ and what He has done in your life and what He has enabled you to do. Realize that our Master is a good Master and no one should fear in serving Him.

To find out more about the One we call Master and Lord, visit your local house of God this Sunday morning.