Once a year, we turn to our friends and contributions to cover our costs of operation. We operate on a budge of $84,000 and try to be very prudent in how we spend our money. The bulk of our money (67 percent) goes for food and delivery costs and this year, they will total $56,000. Our next largest expenses is for utilities and trash which accounts for 16 percent of the budget, salary is 12 percent, and supplies and maintenance account for the balance of 3 percent. This year, we will serve 20,000 families which equates to 67,000 people, up 22 percent over 2012. We have been able to keep our costs for food comparable to last year but will deliver over 1,403,000 pounds of food for $.03/pound which equates to $.84 per person. We have also given away over 200,000 pieces of clothing and miscellaneous items. Unfortunately, while the need has increased, our monetary donations are down.

We ask our friends to again support us this year with your monetary donations and would like to encourage a monthly donation. Even $10 a month can purchase over 300 pounds of food each month and will help us budget more appropriately. Also please contribute your clothing and food donations because all is appreciated. All donations are tax deductible. We would like to invite everyone to come in for a tour and any questions you may have can be answered by calling 498-5772.

Janet Gore

Journey's End Ministries director