The owner and employees of our local restaurant, Chilly Willy's, did something heart-warming on Thanksgiving this year. They cooked, delivered and served a free homemade turkey dinner with all the traditional fixings to people in our community who otherwise would not have been able to enjoy such a meal due to their individual circumstances.

I would like to commend them for seeing that this need exists and for their generosity and kindness in fulfilling that need with such a warm spirit of neighborliness.

I am disabled and receive a certain number of hours each day of service through a home health care agency, but for some odd, unexplained reason, those hours of assistance are drastically reduced on holidays to only one hour. Because of this practice, there is never enough time to cook a holiday meal. It was such a treat to receive one from Chilly Willy's this Thanksgiving! And what a delicious meal it was! Everything was homemade with all the right spices, butter and gravy! They even brought a drink and dessert!

In this crazy world of ours where the news channels broadcast endless stories of the increasingly atrocious acts people commit against each other and the seemingly impossible high levels of hate crimes and human rights violations, it is so wonderful to know that there are still people with good intentions who care about others and who are willing to generously offer to help where there's a need.

Kudos to the folks at Chilly Willy's for doing a nice thing for our community! Thank you for a fabulous feast. You made my holiday fantastic!

Tami Frum