Our lives are so complex these days. Maybe it's nothing new. Maybe life has been complex since the beginning of man, but there is no question that the world's plate is quite full today. Whether you are in college, have kids or not, young or old, everyone has experienced a time when they felt like the world was about to come crashing down. As a busy mom of two energetic little girls, I know that feeling well. While my little family has just begun to make its mark in the world, it can still get quite overwhelming at times. When life knocks you down there are two choices, lay there and hope someone picks you up ... or straighten your hat and pick yourself up and carry on. It is that moment that defines us; how you handle it, how you get through it, and how you learn from it.

That moment can last a second, a few days or even years. It just depends on your struggles at that time. For me, it feels like the world is standing still; like I can step back and watch the chaos unfold. It's actually quite remarkable. I somehow am able to deal with the meltdowns and struggles, while simultaneously reflecting on life during that moment. It is times like these that I ask myself the difficult questions such as -- Is what we want worth fighting for? -- At what point do we throw in the towel? -- And do the hard things that do not kill us really make us stronger?

My answer is always -- It is 100% worth fighting for. NEVER throw in the towel, and YES they do make us stronger. The key is realizing that you must endure the bad to appreciate the good. For example, would you still cherish a bright sunny day if you didn't have a gloomy one to compare it too? Would congratulations for a job well-done feel as good if you had never failed at anything? How would you know your heart is full if it had never felt empty?

We have to survive the moments that weigh heavy on our shoulders because they are followed by moments that make our hearts smile. Like a little kid's laugh, a handmade valentine, a toothless grin, a new friendship, or a door of opportunity.

If you feel like you are in "that moment" right now, keep your head up. Know that it is only part of the journey. Something amazing just might be waiting past the next speed bump.