If I ever have another 90th birthday celebration, it would be very difficult to match the one I just had.

Thank yous go to Mike Wise who put it together with help from Brenda Wise and others.

To Mayor Pat Cadle who presented me with a certificate for 44 years of service to Newcomerstown.

The Fire Department, Heather Stein-Wells, Chris Gardner, and Brennan McGarry for their ride to visit my son, Steven, in the fire truck.

I loved every minute of it. My daughter, Susan, who I didn't know would be here, walked in when we were at there.

I have always been proud to live in Newcomerstown and have many good friends and fond memories.

Thanks again to all my good friends and neighbors. I hope everyone can have as many happy birthdays as I have; especially my 90th.

Love you all.

Dave Leading