I heard a song (again) that said in part, "I sing because there is an empty grave. I sing because there is a power that saves. I sing because I'm not alone. I sing because some day I'm going home."

I do sing, and these are only some of the reasons why. As Christians we have many reasons and opportunities to sing praises to God. It may be saying the words to music which truly is singing, but isn't telling someone about God and what he has done for me singing His praises too? I believe it is. So often I hear someone say I can't sing, or I an't witness to anyone. Sure we can. We need only open our mouths and allow God to pour the words out to all who will hear.

Not only will our singing bless others and hopefully draw someone closer to Him, but God will bless the singer as well.

Will you believe me when I say God wants to hear you sing? He does. To know Him is to love Him, to praise Him and to tell others about Him. Do you know Him? Are you singing His praises? Read the words again. Allow them to sink deep in your soul and put a praise in your heart and a song on your lips.

I will always have a song to sing because there is an empty grave, a power that saves, someday I'm going home, and praise God I am never, ever alone.

It's a blessing to sing praises to God.

Published in the Countryside Baptist Church bulletin July 12, 2015.