I have sung, or heard sung, many times the song, "It Is Well with My Soul."

But never have I heard it sung with the enthusiasm, inspiration, and glorious praise that I did just a short time ago at the Riverside Assisted Living. A part of each service is singing hymns and special music; this day the music truly did, "make the rafters ring."

At the conclusion of this song there was much applause and praise from the staff that had stopped to listen. We were careful, however, to direct this praise to God, the one who is worthy of all praise.

As you probably know the song was written by a man who had experienced many trials. As the ship he was on passed over the ocean place where his four daughters had drowned he received comfort from God that allowed him to write the song, "It Is Well with My Soul."

As I thought about the song I realized that the second verse is probably my favorite.

It says, "Tho' Satan should buffet, tho' trials should come, let this blest assurance control. That Christ hath regarded my helpless estate, and hath shed His own blood for my soul."

Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come, and they will; God's word promises that we will have tribulation in this life. Let this blest assurance control: He also promised that He will never leave me but will always be by my side. I have a God who guides, comforts, directs, knows my pain, and walks talks and laughs with me. What more could I ask for?

What a wonderful blessing to know that it is, and will forever be, well with my soul.