God has done His part for our salvation; does He tell us what our part is? Can we be sure of what to do?


Denominations teach you what to do to join their church; God teaches you what to do, and if you do it, He will add you to His Church, Acts 2:47; that puts Him in control! I hope you read Luke 16:19 as once you die, there is no second chance, and notice what his worry became: family; he didn't want them to come where he was.

God has made a plan of salvation for us, five easy steps. He didn't list them in an order to do list. We must read the 11 examples in Acts and take notice of what they did. In Acts 2, they weren't told to believe because they already did. They were told to repent, which means turn from your old selfish life and now follow Jesus. Next, number 3, be willing to confess that Jesus is the Christ, like the eunuch did in verse 37, Acts 8, KJV; be careful because some versions leave this verse out. I, myself, still like the King James the best. Then number 4, the final step which puts one into Christ, baptism, which is a burial in a watery grave, and you come out a new person, born again, sins washed away, Romans 6. We are no longer our own. We've been bought with a price, 1 Corinthians 7:17-20. Remember, the way is narrow, and Jesus said, "Only few will find it," Matthew 7:14.

The final, 5th step, is "Be Thou faithful until death," Revelation 2:10. Once we are saved in Christ, can we become lost again? Is once saved, always saved, true?

Next time!