Does the Bible teach, "Once saved, always saved" or "one cannot fall from grace"? I have found 18 scriptures which say he can, as God has always given man a choice. Wouldn't you say Adam and Eve fell from grace? They were driven from the garden of Eden, notice driven, lest they eat of the tree of life and live forever, Genesis 3:22-4.

Some of the Jewish Christians wanted to go back and keep the old law of circumcision with the new law in Christ, but the apostle Paul said, "If you do, ye are fallen from grace," Galatians 5:4. I think only one denomination teaches "once you're saved, always saved," never can be lost, correct me if I'm wrong. I'm trying to find the scripture they would use to prove that, could it be John 10:28-29 where Jesus said, "No man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand," which is true, but we can jump out, which shows God will never take away man's right to choose, to love God or not to love Him, to obey Him or not to obey Him.

Who are some who fell from grace? Judas would be one, but the denomination says they weren't saved in the first place, but how can one possibly say that? Simon, the sorcerer, in Acts 8:9, had believed and was baptized, verse 13 and then sinned in verses 18, 19. Simon's heart was right in the beginning but not right in verse 21.

Notice what Peter told Simon in verses 23 and 24, it shows our hope is through prayer and forgiveness. We have a choice to stay faithful or become unfaithful, to wallow in the mud, or get out and clean ourselves up, for it had been better to have never known the way of righteousness than to have it and lose it, verse 21 and 22, II Peter 2.

Should we fear God? Is fear a good thing?

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